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God of Arms

Imagine that one day your arm falls off, and claims it’s own small, primitive mind and awareness.

That arm is still an arm, and it can’t do much without you. It can move, it can transport itself from one location to another, in theory, it can do whatever it want.

But can that hand succeed?

No, it can not… It must have you as a bigger whole, as a complete being. It can’t rely only on sheer strength of it’s own. It must ask you for help, it must have a wish to be a part with you.

If it doesn’t show a wish to be together in bigger puzzle, offer something as a return for being a part of something bigger, it actually depends from your mercy…

That small arm can talk for hours what could of been from it, if it only had a luck, and little help. That arm can talk about other arms negatively, it can talk to other arms from heights, and it can talk about it’s bigger whole as much badly as it want…

That bigger part is not angry nor avenging… It is still waiting for that arm, foolishly waiting to change it’s mind, and become part of bigger puzzle. It’s not mad because that big part understands that little arm is doing everything to show it’s inner state, that mess which is restricting it from seeing the truth and blessing of being whole. Little poor arm shows how weak it is and vulnerable, it is crying for help, not by words, by deeds… And the bigger part understands that.

The bigger part is foolishly waiting for the moment when hand will see that it belongs to bigger part, and it can understand the fear of hand that it will stop existing when rejoined with the rest.

Bigger part is foolishly waiting and waiting when arm will see that when rejoined with rest, it’s not loosing itself, but gaining divine. That small mind and will will not be important, because that is not existence. That two is not existence. And bigger part is waiting, because it wants to be rejoined with the arm, that one arm which is so insecure and poor. So it can show the blessing of being whole.

And while every arm is searching for the rest of the body, it’s own blessed rest, they don’t see much, all they are doing is fighting for one body on the light, missing thousands and thousands of others staying in a shadow as quiet blessing…



Now tell me… who is your God??

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