School of What?

Can someone explain me, how is it possible that there are more educated people than ever, yet there is injustice more than ever?

In school we are programmed to know informations… It is very simple: the longer you are exposed to certain pack of informations, the more that informations become you. In school we are subject in learning our history, that we know nothing of, except what winners wrote. Geography, in which we never get real picture about how is it on other parts of planet, where is planet sickest and how to get know your surrounding in best possible way. Even only 5% of Oceans are discovered, and we are rushing to a Moon and Mars. It is good to be ambitious, but we also need to be detailed.

We learn about human body and mind, and yet we know nothing about ourselves. We learn, and we do not learn to understand. We are fools who know information, but never understand…

Why no one told us that studying that we’ll have no problem with success in future in life? Because it’s not working like that… Facts and informations changes, along with us and our advancement. Yesterday’s illogic things, today became logic, because of new knowledge…

How will we change path of humanity, which in schools are taught to cherish pride and vanity?

How will we help each others feel more comfortable in society, and how will we agree to teach our children same moral and rightfulness.

The only solution is to teach our kids about their strength, about versatility of human kind. Teach them the glory of human kind, and obligate them to work in that honor… To teach them that they have strongest tools available on Planet in themselves… That they are key of Β utopia.

Walk straight in dark fearless, do not be ashamed by past, do not be afraid of future, but look around you in awareness, rise every time you fall, and be brave and more determined to achieve it after every fall. That is only way which leads to glory of Humans…Β 

P.S. Feeling of despair killed me, and my post. When I saw a News it stabbed me in my heart. That’s why I wrote about school and education.

P.P.S. No hard feelings for teachers, they are not my target. My target are one’s which make plan and program for schools.

Tell me your thoughts, I would like to start a conversation with you on this subject…


About Good Deed

I am a free thinker who want to see better world with peace and unity as a foundation stone. Color of my skin, my religion and nationality are not what is important. I am a human and one of the citizens of World. I think of myself as free spirit who is here to make better world as much as possible. And I expect you to help me make better tomorrow...

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  1. It’s true we are more educated but career orientated education… We don’t teach compassion, the importance of not judging or that helping or giving is more important than getting… Maybe if we did things would be different…

    • Yes, exactly. We are missing key human characteristics… And we did not learned them in school… We are just left alone to live and to discover, and of course there are 80% people which never discovers things that we should be taught in early school years… Thanks for your opinion. Cheers!

      • Your welcome… I think it would also be nice if children were taught by one day a month in school to be nice and charitable and do chores for elderly in their community for nothing other than the satisfaction of doing something nice…

  2. Seems to me like the education system is set up to produce drones rather than thinkers. Easier to control.

  3. Very well written and said. The teaching of ‘life’ is not truly had in the school environment. Is it right or wrong, it’s not my place to say. An opinion however, I am entitled to, as anyone else with a thought or voice is.

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like it. That is, according to me, big, big problem, and I will be releasing posts about the problems of school system… I hope you will be here to read it, you may like it… Cheers!

  4. Agree, social justice, that while each of us counts, we are each one among many and part of a greater community…these are things that should be part of our education system.

  5. What a wonderful post. School teaches such a limited collection of ideas within which young minds are expected to find truth and answers, but rarely do they exist in this framework. Parents can do so much for a child’s future by teaching the importance of questioning the “status quo” and by continuing to learn and search ourselves. How else do we continue to evolve without adapting and being versatile? I for one am happiest when I’m learning,although sometimes I get bogged down under the critical eye of those who think their way is the only way and that I am supposed to respect their opinion without question. HA! How boring! I was born with a mind, an open mind. Forever I will fight for it and teach my children to grow up with their amazing open minds also! Keep up the writing and exploring, I love reading πŸ™‚

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