About Blog

This blog is written to be used as a starting point to all Open Minded persons in World. Nothing is important besides compassion, love, unity and peace.

Everyone who finishes reading posts from this site angry, I just want to say, it wasn’t my intention.

My intention is to trigger you to think, and according to that change you current position and further path.

I also have Facebook fan page and Twitter, so I hope you’ll be satisfied enough to visit at least one of places sometimes.

I am not a native English speaker, but I try hard to meet demands. Please be patient, I will get better and better with time.

Love you all, and hope you’ll enjoy your time spent here.



  1. thanks for stopping by and glad u liked my poem

  2. welcome! without a doubt, i’m looking forward to seeing some great posts and engaging in some dope discussions.

  3. Yep..I agree with your words. πŸ™‚ and thanks for dropping by my blog.

  4. Congratulations!! I have nominated you for a lovely blog award! My link is as follows, where I have put up uour nomination, the link is:

    • Thank you very much for that… But can you explain it to me little better, because I’m still learning everything here on blog, but I’m safely coming to finish πŸ™‚
      Anyway thank you a lot for being support.

  5. ’ve nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. If you like to participate, the rules can be found in my blog πŸ˜‰

  6. Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope you will find it entertaining and fun!

  7. Awesome blog! I’ll be stopping often. Thanks for liking my post as well!

  8. Thanks for following my blog: http://blog.johnrchildress.com I look forward to exploring yours as well.

  9. Thank you for liking my recent blog post, I appreciate it very much πŸ˜€ Good luck with your fantastic blog too! x

  10. Your intentions resonate with mine, loved your blog and your purpose of writing πŸ™‚

    • That is nice to know I have a companionship along my way… I will check your blog, and invite you to write as a guest writer if you don’t have anything against…
      I wasn’t here for some time, but tomorrow I’m starting again with my writings more concentrated and more involved than before… Hope you will be here often to review my works.

  11. Hello! I love the new look of your blog. And I also want to thank you for your generous “likes.” Happy thanksgiving, and God bless always! 😊

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