Letter to the World

Hello to everyone…

Past few weeks I wasn’t here much. I had some things that needed to be fixed, and while fixing it, I encountered many different things, and many different thoughts awaken in me. Without further explaining I will get straight to the point…

I am 23 years old, coming from Eastern Europe, small country Croatia (known as an edge of Balkan, a gate to Europe). I am a Christian, but when I say that, bad feeling comes to my stomach. I do not want to brag about it. I do not want to either say it loudly, because I am ashamed what was done and still is doing under the flag of Christianity. I can say than I follow the morale and teachings of Jesus, not the teachings and interpretations of humans, thinking they can interpret God’s word.

Lately I was in company of older people, talking, sleeping and eating with them. Fighting against and laughing with them. I actually learned many things, more than I learned in 4 years of secondary school. The things I learned I want to say as directly and as simply I can, so I will get to a point.

I am one of the fortunate enough to be born in the country which is not starving. I am fortunate enough to sit and write on my PC, to be in a warm house while outside is 1 degree celsius. I had relatively normal childhood (it sounds funny, because I am a war generation, and I saw my father countless times going to a front line, and my mother equal times crying and yelling). But we survived all of it. My father came home in one piece and my mother never cried again. I was around 6 when war ended and I was ready to start with a normal living. Being part of the war and part of the nationalistic movement, as a child, and while growing up, I was always directed towards peace and happiness. So my vision of serenity grew within me.

I saw the horrors of war, I saw a endless lines of crying mothers, crying on endless lists of dead soldiers and civilians. I saw families lost sometimes up to 20 family members. I saw a cities pillaged and burned to the ground. I heard of thousands and thousands raped women, and hundreds giving a birth to a children, war, unwanted children.

There is no point of writing more, we all know what war brings. At least 70% of people on Earth knows what war and oppression are.

It is amazing how much happy we are when war finishes. How big relief we feel when it is over. Yet we are in war every 30, 40 years.

I can see many people cheering for a war nowadays. It makes me sad to see people making same mistakes over and over again. Politicians and media making war, and sending children and youth of that country to a war, while at same time protecting their children and relatives from same war they cooked.

It is really funny and sad at the same time that old people are mostly doing this. And corrupted young who were in their ranks for so long that their brain was washed with old believes and standards.

While I was with group of old people, I heard so many times how much we, young people, kids to them, are smart. How much we are enlightened with internet globalisation and all other benefits of modern world. I was surprised, on a second I really felt like we are accepted, and even asked for opinion. That surprise came to an end immidiatelly when they started to preach me how we should run the world and what we should do when it will be our turn… At first I was laughing to the stupid ideas, and funny views, but later it happened something which I try to strain myself from… I absolutely cracked and some lava from me started to boil and went outside thru my eyes as an anger. I want to say to you all, the same thing I said to them but this time without anger, because I feel still, that it was good speech, but ruined with anger…

You say to us what to do and how to feel towards each other, while you gave us nothing to observe and nothing to follow. You showed us and pointed on humans, in worsest possible light. You showed us that favour is going to kill you, and compassion bury you to the ground. How we are so much enlightened? – You gave us so much to learn from, pandora’s box of mistakes, which we, and our children, your grandchildren will have to work whole lives, repay all your sins. Your concept of doing things without responsibility is something that won’t strike back to you. It will come on our list of things to repay.

We do not escape from that, and we will be wiling to spend all our lives and teach our children to do the same. We will repay that what you done, because we understand that this craziness has to stop. That chain has to be broken.

 But do not dare to tell us what to do, once we will come to rule. Do not corrupt us any more than you did. All your governments and politics will be changed, once we come. We will put compassion and humanity over power and interest. Because we see that we could as easily been one of the poor and misfortune ones.

Against us, you have no power except your fanaticism, and your power holding ability. And even with that you will lose, because we know, and we will show you that mind wins over matter. We will prove this for the first time and since than it will be a law.

It is really sad that this war which we will be fighting in near future will be war against our fathers to set ourselves free. It will be war against all institutions on this world, to finally set us free. To seek the truth, no matter what.


With this, I want to call all of you to share things which you have deep inside you, which have been suppressed, no matter are you old or young. I want you to join here, and tell me that you wish to share something with world just like I did… But more than everything we want you, old to back up us young, because we need that. It maybe don’t look to you that way, but we really need that.





About Good Deed

I am a free thinker who want to see better world with peace and unity as a foundation stone. Color of my skin, my religion and nationality are not what is important. I am a human and one of the citizens of World. I think of myself as free spirit who is here to make better world as much as possible. And I expect you to help me make better tomorrow...

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  1. heavy duty words, Good Deed

  2. I’m not interested I being reported, I do however want to express my my heart to you and what you feel and what we have seen, mans interpretation of gods word, perfectly put! Having seen and lived war in your part of the country I understand your heart I’m twice your age do what I saw was through my eyes but my heart to you my friend.
    I hope you are well and the world is kind to you.

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