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I have a really small post…

I will try directly to ask you something, and try to trigger your thinking… Because that is what I try to achieve with my posts.

Do you think happiness is the sense of living?

Why are you not happy always?

Why your words, your actions and your thinking acts almost always like 3 separate entities?

How would it be if you would think, say and do the same thing?

If you were a child again and someone presented the picture of you, like you are today, with all things you did and still doing… Would that child be happy with what he/she saw?

And in the end question that you need to spend most of time thinking about:

Why are you still living?

You can answer in comments and share with us, but it is deigned to be a questions for your soul…

Release it at least for a few seconds… And it will awake maybe again…

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